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William Clark began accepting representation queries via email in 1993, and may be the first literary agent to have done so.

The information requested below will allow us to determine the suitability of your idea or story for our list. The effort put into it will be a factor in our decision to request a full proposal or sample chapters, or to pass on further consideration.

Due to the high volume of queries received, we respond only when we wish to see more material. Please note that a number of the fields below are "required," and that the form will not submit unless those fields with an asterisk are completed.

We do not represent screenplays nor respond to screenplay pitches. It is advised that before querying you become familiar with the kinds of books we handle by browsing our Book List.



Contact Information

Briefly describe your project, indicating what makes it unique and compelling. Briefly explain your qualifications and background for writing this book. Identify and define the self-selecting, core audience who will definitely review, publicize, and buy your book, and why. Is there a secondary or crossover audience for your book? Over 200,000 trade books are published every year. Does your book stand out, or significantly add to or alter the popular understanding compared to existing books on the same subject? Is there something about your position or background that will help a publisher in selling your book? For example, do you give speeches and/or appear in the media? Are you affiliated with an organization that plans to purchase and/or promote your book? Do you have any questions about this query process, or suggestions as to how it might be improved? Were you referred to us by a friend of the agency, or through a search or a link from another site? What's Next?

After you select Submit below, your query will be sent and you will see a page confirming your query details. We will endeavor to respond as soon as possible as to whether or not we'd like to see a proposal or sample chapters from your manuscript.

Thank you for your patience dealing with this form, and for awaiting a response to your query.