Andrew Exum asks Matt Gallagher Six Questions about KABOOM on abu muqawama

“While conducting ops, you’re forced to take on a hyper-realistic mental state, in an effort to detach yourself from the severity of what you’re actually doing and where you actually are. I’ll still catch myself remembering moments in Iraq, and have to remind myself that “yeah, that actually happened and we actually did that.” But in the moment, you can’t get bogged down by that, so you rely on the mere momentum of action to carry you through. At the same time, there was a lot of time for reflection in Iraq – either during long, boring missions or back at the outpost, during recovery. That’s when the stream of consciousness kicks in, and anyone who’s been deployed can attest to the dangers of thinking too much over there.

My only goal for Kaboom ahead of time was for it to be an accurate portrayal of our experience in Iraq. I think I accomplished that, and hope it resonates with others who had similar experiences, and/or with people interested in learning more about what it means to send off our nation’s soldiers off to war.”

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