bookgeeks calls COUNTRY DRIVING by Peter Hessler “deeply insightful and often very funny”

COUNTRY DRIVING is published by Canongate Books in the UK today, and bookgeeks is the first out of the, er, gate with a review by Simon Appleby, who says the book “distills [Hessler’s] experience in to a book that follows the very best traditions of travel writing, being both deeply insightful and often very funny” and “He is a profoundly sympathetic narrator, and there is hardly a trace of cultural superiority anywhere on show – he lives in China because he likes it, likes its people, and during the course of his travels and experiences, gains a great deal of insight that is eloquently shared with the reader (although the Chinese are always coming up with fresh things to surprise him). A wonderful example of the power of good travel writing to bridge cultural divides, and highly recommended.

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