Discovery’s Planet Green Interviews Rachel Botsman and Roo Rogers about WHAT’S MINE IS YOURS

Leonora Oppenheim interviews Rachel and Roo on WHAT’S MINE IS YOURS. 

Some excerpts:

PG: What is your ultimate green goal?
RB: To help drive “The Big Shift”; away from the 20th Century defined by hyper consumption, towards the 21st century, the age of Collaborative Consumption. I would like us to be able to look back and be proud of a society that leapfrogged over decades of waste and emptiness into a new era marked by trust between strangers, access over ownership and the primacy of experience over “more stuff.” I want to help make that happen.
RR: My goal is to harness innovation to help create solutions for our social and environmental challenges. By “harness” I mean creating businesses, inventing adaptive product solutions, or simply connecting the ideation dots to facilitate adoption.

PG: What is your best green advice?
RB: Don’t see ‘green’ as an add-on or a sacrifice. I believe it’s less about stocking your cupboards withSeventh Generation products and more about shifting away from a seismic zeal for individual getting and spending towards a rediscovery of collective good.
RR: Millions of people die a year from environmental “disease.” Now imagine that instead of affecting people millions of miles away, it is your daughter, son, father, mother, or friend.
Now do something about it.

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