LA Weekly Lauds ANOTHER FINE MESS by Saul Austerlitz

Michael Joshua Rowin says:

…Austerlitz offers sharp ways of thinking about old favorites.

…Austerlitz provides particularly insightful considerations of legacies still in the making. Serving more as a critical history than a nonpartisan one, Austerlitz’s personal evaluations are best used to stimulate healthy movie debate or else to compare one’s tastes.

…Austerlitz gets it absolutely right when he paints the big picture, which is what makes American comedy quintessentially American. According to him, it is not only the outsiders — the immigrants (Lubitsch), the minorities (Richard Pryor), the women (Katharine Hepburn) — who have fueled the country’s subversive comic tendency but also the innovators, the artists like Fields, Robert Altman and Bill Murray, who saw the world askew and used their genius to skew it further rather than set it straight.

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