No Sellout: “Crazy Shopping,” Dutch Musical based on Rev. Billy and The Church of Life After Shopping Pays for Anti-Mountaintop Removal Work

the above man is NOT the reverend

The hardest working man in anti-consumerism, author of the book and spiritual vortex of the documentary WHAT WOULD JESUS BUY as well as WHAT SHOULD I DO IF REVEREND BILLY IS IN MY STORE? and The Church of Life After Shopping gets written up by Melena Ryzik in today’s New York Times in “Reverend Billy’s Revelation:  A Role for Money.”  The piece tells the story behind a gaudy Dutch musical, “Crazy Shopping,” which uses as a basis several of the choir’s songs, the Rev’s sermons, and the image of the Rev, and is playing across the Netherlands until January.  The Church used the money from the usage permission to support their campain to end mountaintop-removal mining.

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