Reuters Writes Up “Witty” and “Exhaustively Researched” THE ADVENTURES OF UNEMPLOYED MAN by Erich Origen and Gan Golan

Unemployed Man in D.C. Last Weekend

Journalist Nick Zieminski reviews the book and interviews Erich and Gan for Reuters Life!

...When 18th century philosopher Adam Smith coined the term “invisible hand” to describe self-regulating markets, he could scarcely have imagined his idea would one day star in a superhero comic book.

…Q: Why a comic book? Is it to make the point that the recession widened a gulf between the rich and everybody else?

Origen: “That’s certainly one of the points, made by people like (Paul) Krug-Man and Robert Reich. But with their writing you don’t get people encased in underwear. We have this accessible way of communicating similar ideas and allowing people a catharsis.”

…Q: Why use a retro graphic style?

Golan: “We wanted to tell a story with a wide emotional range, from comedy to poignancy, and it seemed like those old styles were better-suited — unlike modern comics which can be aggressive and dark and gritty. In the 50s and 60s, America had an idea of a common good, and that optimism was personified by superheroes. We wanted a style that took us back to that.”

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