Serious Eats: New York’s Meet and Eat profiles Jim Meehan

As always, Jim is generous in sharing his inspirations:

Are there particular people who influenced you or served as mentors along the way?

 I’ve always tried to pick something up from everyone I work with. Notable mentors include Kelly Meuer and Ross Johnson at State Street Brats (Madison) for their work ethic. Evan Lehmann at Paul’s Club (Madison) for making everything look effortless. Sam Parker at the Great Dane (Madison) helped me realize how important it was to be a role model. Chris Paraskevaides of Five Points (NYC) taught me that the guest was my boss. Danny Abrams of the Mermaid Inn (NYC) showed me the business side of the bar. Juliette Pope of Gramercy Tavern (NYC) showed me that a beverage director needed to master management. And Audrey Saunders of the Pegu Club (NYC) taught me just about everything else.
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