Shanghai’s Asks Peter Hessler Why He Writes continues their series of talks with authors of books about China about their writing and reading habits. The site interviewed Peter’s partner Leslie Chang (not an agency client), author of FACTORY GIRLS: From Village to City in a Changing China (Spiegel & Grau), in November 2009.  You can read that here.

Nick Davies, the editor of the Canongate (UK) edition of COUNTRY DRIVING, emailed the following additional blurbs for that edition of the book this morning:

‘A masterly, learned, entertaining, kind and endlessly fascinating panorama of life in 21st-century China.’ 

–Jan Morris

‘Modern China has seldom been better explained than by Peter Hessler in this imaginative and illuminating book, one that gives us a steering wheel-up view of the country’s giddying economic and social transformation.’
–Tim Butcher, author of Blood River

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