SOUL OF A PEOPLE Documentary Nominated for WGA Award

Andrea Kalin and client David Taylor‘s documentary, which premiered on The Smithsonian Channel in September,  has been nominated for the “Documentary — Other than Current Events” award from the Writers Guild of America.  David’s tie-in book, also titled SOUL OF A PEOPLE:  The WPA Writers’ Project Uncovers Depression America, with an introduction by Douglas Brinkley, was published by John Wiley a little under a year ago.

BookTV on CSPAN 2 has video from the 2009 Nation Book Festival of Taylor and Brinkley discussing the book, and there is also a segment of just the author speaking about the book.  There was an All Things Considered segment on NPR, and David was also interviewed about the book, arts, and democracy by Bethanne Patrick for The Book Studio, the PBS online series.
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