TAG Fine Arts en route to New York!!!!

Agency friends Hobby and Diana of TAG Fine Arts return once again to this year’s AAF NYC. They will be exhibiting new and exclusive works from their stable of artists including Adam Bridgland, Robin Duttson, Gonkar Gyatso (check out Gonkar’s blog here), Hazel Nichols, John Pasche, Rob Ryan and David Spiller. They will also be bringing over from the UK previously unseen prints by established British artists including: Sir Peter Blake (featured here), Sir Terry Frost and Damien Hirst.

In a happy collaboration with the agency, TAG and Tibetan artist Gonkar Gyatso have given permission to Dzogchen Ponlop for him to use Gonkar’s “The Buddha Sakyamuni,” on the cover of REBEL BUDDHA:  On the Road to Freedom, which will be published starting in November in numerous languages around the world. About the book, Pema Chödrön, author of WHEN THINGS FALL APART, says REBEL BUDDHA “shatters old myths and sweeps away cultural baggage, presenting the essence of the Buddha’s teachings in a fresh, contemporary voice. With uncommon clarity and authority, he offers a new vision for the future of Buddhism that is at once shocking and hopeful. This is a small book with a big message that is timely and important.”

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