The Really, Really Excellent Will Friedwald JazzWax Interview, Part I

On his really, really excellent jazz blog, Marc Myers offers up the first part of a two-part interview with Will Friedwald about his new book, A Biographical Guide to the Great Jazz and Pop Singers.

…Like all solid authorities and essayists, Will wriggles into his subjects, providing sharp analysis and little-known details as he takes strong positions. This is what makes Will so pleasurable to read. That and the fact that Will strives to entertain, much like the singers he writes about.

…W.F.: “Jazz” means something completely different than it did years ago, although it’s also fashionable to see the whole history of jazz as more of a direct continuum. The music keeps evolving and so dodefinitions. Almost all of the singers who sang in the big bands would have been considered pop in 1938. But by today’s standards they’d be classified as jazz.

Watch this portrait of Marc Myers.  On his site he links to a wonderful Bill Evans video–Monica Zetterlund singing “Waltz for Debby,” the agency’s favorite song from a father’s point-of-view, though we prefer Johnny Hartman’s version.