Time Magazine Calls THE ADVENTURES OF UNEMPLOYED MAN by Erich Origen and Gan Golan “Hilarious, Clever, Very Relevant, and Remarkably Insightful”

Brad Tuttle interviews Erich on Time’s Money Blog, It’s Your Money.  As part of his answer to Brad’s question about Unemployed Man’s powers, Erich says:

Our heroes’ powers are never more than exaggerations of the powers of real people—we wanted to show how heroic everyday people are. Undertaking an epic search for work (like Unemployed Man) is heroic. Fighting economic villains while raising your children (like Wonder Mother) is heroic. Working into your old age because the Broker made a joke of your 401K and you can’t afford to retire (like Plan B) is heroic. Each of our characters represent a specific kind of everyday heroism.

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