Time Magazine Heralds COUNTRY DRIVING by Peter Hessler

In an article about “Big China Books:  Enough of the Big Picture,” Jeffrey Rosserstrom calls COUNTRY DRIVING (HarperCollins, February 2010) Peter’s best book yet, writing:  “I haven’t been to the places Hessler describes in Country Driving or met the people whose stories he tells with his characteristic blend of empathy, insight and self-deprecating humor. Yet I never doubt for a second that he’s writing about the richly hued and socially variegated country that I know, as opposed to one of the imaginary lands conjured up in Big China Books.”  [COUNTRY DRIVING] “captures beautifully the rhythms of life in a nation that is being turned inside out so quickly that it is not just lone American writers, but also Chinese from varied walks of life, who often find themselves struggling to traverse uncharted territory, armed only with their wits and with maps that become obsolete as soon as they are printed.

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