Zak Pelaccio Talks Grilling with Bon Appetit

Zak’s first book EAT WITH YOUR HANDS (Ecco) dropped in April to a firestorm of praise. Serious Eats said the book “is one of those perfect chef-written cookbooks that conveys not only the chef’s dishes but also personality and Pelaccio is full of it. …[It] is unique but also accessible, written in a tone that makes even the most exotic ingredient or unfamiliar technique seem doable, and fun even.” The Wall Street Journal and Epicurious chimed in, and The Austin Chronicle said “The chef, food, and book are wildly irreverent, combining an emo ethos with sophisticated technique and innovative flavors to produce an iconoclastic genre of hipster food for the new millennium. …With this groundbreaking volume, Pelaccio brings us free spirited, passionate food that takes a novel approach to the new American table.”

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