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WILLIAM CLARK REPRESENTS A WIDE RANGE of titles across all formats to the publishing, motion picture, television, and multimedia fields.

Today's creative artist has more opportunity than ever before to exert control over his or her success. In representing the interests of our clients we consider not only the commercial viability of their ideas, but how well those ideas integrate with the artist's vision for his or her career.

Offering individual focus and a global reach, we move quickly and strategically on behalf of domestic and international clients ranging from authors of award-winning, best-selling narrative non-fiction, to authors in translation, chefs, musicians, and artists.

The agency undertakes to discover, develop, and market today's most interesting content and the talent that creates it, and forge sophisticated and innovative plans for self-promotion, reliable revenue streams, and an enduring creative career.

In addition to selling directly in the global English language markets, translation rights are sold directly in the German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Latin American, French, Dutch, and Scandinavian territories; in association with Andrew Nurnberg Associates Ltd. (UK) through offices in China, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Latvia, Poland, and Hungary; and through corresponding agents in Russia, Ukraine, Japan, Greece, Israel, Turkey, Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand. Other network partners provide services including editorial consultation, media training, lecture booking, marketing support, and public relations.


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