FACING SUICIDE: Understanding Why People Kill Themselves and How We Can Stop Them by James Barrat

Clancy Martin calls FACING SUICIDE by James Barrat “brilliant and important”

Clancy Martin, author of How Not to Kill Yourself: A Phenomenology of Suicide and numerous books on philosophy, writes:

What a brilliant and important book. There is no book so comprehensive, insightful, humane, and helpful about suicide since Jamison’s Night Falls Fast—and Barrat brings us all the way to the most contemporary advances in the science of understanding and preventing suicide. Incredibly urgent and compelling, while also gentle and wise. Everyone who thinks about or works on suicide should read this book—and so should all who have been touched by suicide. It will be the indispensable handbook on the subject of suicide in the 21st century. And it will save lives.

Facing Suicide: Understanding by People Kill Themselves and How We Can Stop Them by James Barrat will be published in the English language by Avery Books in North America in September 2024.

James Barrat is the journalist and documentary filmmaker behind this book’s PBS companion film, entitled Facing Suicide and the author of Our Final Invention: Artificial Intelligence and the End of the Human Era. and the forthcoming The Intelligence Explosion (St. Martin’s Press). Time Magazine named him one of “5 Very Smart People Who Think Artificial Intelligence Could Bring the Apocalypse.