Cornel West praises THE NEW POWER ELITE by Heather Gautney as “Brilliant and Courageous”

Former Professor of the Practice of Public Philosophy, Harvard University, Professor Emeritus, Princeton University, and author of Race Matters and Democracy Matters Cornel West says:

“Building on the rich legacy of Franz Neumann and C. Wright Mills, Heather Gautney’s brilliant and courageous book lays bare the complex dynamics of the corporate, political, military, and cultural elites who vacate public life and common good with vast greed and manipulated fear! This powerful and profound text shows what the road to American fascism looks like if we do not heed her call for radical democratic action!”

The New Power Elite by Heather Gautney is published by Oxford University Press. Heather Gautney is Associate Professor of Sociology at Fordham University. She has written and edited books, opinion essays, and academic articles on US politics, social movements, social inequality, and workforce issues in the entertainment industry. Gautney was a senior policy advisor to Sen. Bernie Sanders on his presidential campaign and in the US Senate Budget Committee. In 2020, she served on the Democratic Party’s platform drafting committee and was co-chair of the Biden-Sanders Task Force on Education.