Financial Times Reviews THE OCTOPUS IN THE PARKING GARAGE by Rob Verchick

Business columnist at the FT and 2019 Environment Journalist of the Year for the third year in a row Pilita Clark writes:

“An ability to make complex policy engaging is a hallmark of its author, Rob Verchick, a climate law scholar who served in the Environmental Protection Agency in the Obama administration. His book tackles one of the most fraught climate policy questions: what should be done to adapt to a world facing growing evidence of climate stress? …The upshot is that today there is widespread acceptance of the need to act as forests burn, heatwaves worsen – and coastlands sink. …Verchick explains what is being done – and what needs to be started – to spare both the octopus and us from greater dislocation..”

The Octopus in the Parking Garage: A Call for Climate Resilience by Rob Verchick is published by Columbia University Press. Rob Verchick is a leading climate law scholar who designed and implemented climate-resilience policies in the Obama administration. He holds the Gauthier-St. Martin Chair in Environmental Law at Loyola University New Orleans, is a senior fellow in disaster resilience at Tulane University, and serves as president of the Center for Progressive Reform. Verchick is the author of four books and host of the podcast Connect the Dots.