Michael Hardt praises THE NEW POWER ELITE by Heather Gautney a “worthy successor to Mills’ classic polemic”

Co-author of Empire Michael Hardt says:

“In this sweeping historical account, Gautney not only details the increasing concentration of power and wealth in the hands of corporate, political, military, and media elites, but also skillfully analyzes the economic and political structures that facilitate this process. This worthy successor to Mills’ classic polemic reveals the enormous obstacles that face any project for democracy and equality in the US.”

The New Power Elite by Heather Gautney is published by Oxford University Press. Heather Gautney is Associate Professor of Sociology at Fordham University. She has written and edited books, opinion essays, and academic articles on US politics, social movements, social inequality, and workforce issues in the entertainment industry. Gautney was a senior policy advisor to Sen. Bernie Sanders on his presidential campaign and in the US Senate Budget Committee. In 2020, she served on the Democratic Party’s platform drafting committee and was co-chair of the Biden-Sanders Task Force on Education.