Sales of QUEEN ANNE: The Politics of Passion by Anne Somerset Spike Thanks to The Favorite

Buzz around Yorgos Lanthimos’ The Favorite after it received 10 Oscar nominations and Olivia Colman won best Actress in a Leading Role led to a massive spike in sales of QUEEN ANNE: The Politics of Passion by Anne Somerset, whose previous books include Elizabeth I, also published by Victoria Wilson at Alfred A. Knopf. Anne’s book was mentioned in articles in The New York Times, Vanity Fair, Time, People, and Elle, among others.

Initially published in late 2013, on the front page of the The New York Times Book Review Brooke Allen reviewed it under the title “Defending the Queen”, writing:

Anne Somerset, who has written about Elizabeth I and William IV, among other royals, has now produced a spirited and extremely convincing defense of the hapless Anne…. If all this makes Somerset’s biography sound like a racy read in the style of Ophelia Field’s 2003 biography of the Duchess of Marlborough, nothing could be further from the truth. “Queen Anne” is essentially a political biography… Despite the book’s subtitle, it contains more politics than passion.

In the Wall Street Journal, Allan Massie wrote:

Anne was a dull woman, but she has been fortunate now to have found a biographer who does her justice and is anything but dull. Anne Somerset has written an excellent book that is also a gripping history of the time.

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