The Guardian Calls THE BURIED: Life, Death and Revolution in Egypt by Peter Hessler “a small triumph, one of the best books yet written about the Arab spring.”

In the December 18th issue of The Guardian, writer, historian and contributor to the New Yorker, the TLS, and the New York Review of Books, and India correspondent of the New Statesman William Dalrymple reviews the book, writing:

... Hessler is a skilled practitioner of what might be called “slow journalism”. He focuses not on the splashy events of capital cities, but instead on the ordinary lives lived far from the centre of things, as if he were transposing to the Middle East Turgenev’s Sketches from a Huntsman’s Album. He makes friends with people whose ways of living are undergoing rapid and often uncomfortable change, and writes about them with intelligence and sympathy. What separates him from most other foreign correspondents is a strange alchemy in his writing and storytelling that gives him an ability to spin golden prose from everyday lived experience.

Peter Hessler‘s The Buried: An Archaeology of the Egyptian Revolution is published in the English language by Penguin Press in North America, Profile Books in the United Kingdom, and Text Publishing in Australia and New Zealand.  A German language edition will be published by Hanser in March 2020. Japanese, Polish, Arabic and Complex Character Chinese character editions are also forthcoming.