Zak Pelaccio Talks Grilling with Bon Appetit

“…one of those perfect chef-written cookbooks that conveys not only the chef’s dishes but also personality and Pelaccio is full of it. …unique but also accessible, written in a tone that makes even the most exotic ingredient or unfamiliar technique seem doable, and fun even.”

Release Party for EAT WITH YOUR HAND by Zak Pelaccio

Zakary Pelaccio’s EAT WITH YOUR HANDS (Ecco) will be published on Tuesday, April 17th, and Food Republic and Fatty ‘Cue Brooklyn are throwing what promises to be an off-the-hook release party at Powerhouse Arena for Zak, Jori and JJ Goode … Read more

Peter Gwin Wins Pulitzer Lowell Thomas Award

Many congratulations to client Peter Gwin, who has just won The Lowell Thomas Award for foreign travel writing for his National Geographic piece “The Telltale Scribes of Timbuktu,” which appeared in January of last year. Per the announcement, the piece … Read more